M.D., Ph.D. / Professor

Expertise: Biochemistry, Molecular and cellular biology, Genetics, Bioimaging
Email: esusaki [at] juntendo.ac.jp
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Selected papers:
Susaki et al. Whole-Brain Imaging with Single-Cell Resolution Using Chemical Cocktails and Computational Analysis. Cell (2014) LINK
Susaki et al. Versatile whole-organ/body staining and imaging based on electrolyte-gel properties of biological tissues. Nat Commun (2021) LINK *Top50 of 2020 Life & Biological Science


Dr. Etsuo A. Susaki graduated from Kyushu University School of Medicine in 2002 and received his Ph.D. (Medicine) from the same university in 2007. His main research interests are functional states of multicellular systems and their regulatory mechanisms. In particular, he developed the CUBIC framework and realized a cell-omics approach to study multicellular systems. Recently, he has successfully developed CUBIC-HistoVIsion, an efficient 3D staining and imaging technique for organs and the whole body. He is also an expert in molecular biology, biochemistry, and genetics. He is currently using his unique research background and techniques to uncover the hidden states of multicellular systems (e.g., brain, organoid) and early processes of aging/aging-related diseases.

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