Our team aims to solve key biomedical questions by combining 1) advanced studies of organismal aging and aging-related diseases (cancer, dementia, neurodegenerative diseases, cardiovascular diseases) with 2) invention of state-of-the-art technologies, primarily focused on bioimaging. In our lab, independent scientists with a strong drive for scientific research work highly collaboratively to integrate their different disciplines. To ensure the success of our research with such a high-quality team, we adopt the following 3i policy.

Be intellectual:

A rational and theoretical attitude based on intelligence is essential for high-level discussions, solid planning, and meaningful experiments/analyses. Team members are encouraged to be intelligent and take every possible step to improve their intelligence. The laboratory offers support to its members in this effort.

Be interactive:

Each researcher is an expert with a high degree of specialized knowledge and ability. On the other hand, it is difficult to produce substantial outcomes within a single discipline in the sophisticated current research fields. Our research team organically brings experts from various fields, including medicine, chemistry, engineering, and data science. We also conduct interdisciplinary collaborations with different external research teams. Team members are encouraged to be a so-called “T-shaped” researcher who, in addition to their expertise, have the basic knowledge necessary to engage in advanced discussions with experts in a wide range of fields.

Be innovative:

From conception and research design to actual experiments and analysis, all research processes should be considered a route to innovative outcomes. The laboratory makes a maximum effort to create an environment for innovation. Members are constantly encouraged to ponder how their research can produce innovative scientific results and implement them in every aspect of their work.

We also emphasize having fun with such high-level scientific research. A team member with advanced skills, knowledge, and motivation who is sympathetic to the above-mentioned ideas and policies is welcome.

急速に発展する現代世界において、真に価値ある学術的な成果を生み出すためには、本質的な問いへのアプローチと最先端の技術的な発明が不可欠です。私達のチームは、1) 個体老化と老化関連疾患(がん、認知症、神経変性疾患、心血管疾患)を中心とする医学生物学的課題、2) バイオイメージングを中心とした最先端の研究技術開発、を両輪で回すことで、独創性の高い研究環境を構築しています。私達は、この研究システムが、現代で最も重要ないくつかの学術的問題を解決するための効率性を有していると考えます。私達のチームは、プロフェッショナル精神と研究意欲にあふれる独立した科学者で構成され、多様な専門性を有機的に融合する高度な学際的連携体制を有します。このようなハイエンドのチームビルディングを成功させるため、私達は以下の3iポリシーを採用します。

Be intellectual (知性に基づく研究活動): 


Be interactive(異分野融合的研究): 


Be innnovative(革新性を生み出す研究への取り組み):